Trainer Impact Weapons

After many years of making impacts it occurred to me in Feb 2024 that in all my research I'd never seen a training sap, blackjack, palm sap, slungshot or knuckle duster. Sure movies and TV shows have had props which have no practicality as weapons, but none specifically made for the intent of practicing on a Bob or a bag, or even in a one on one martial arts training setting. 

With these weapons no longer being in service with a police force anywhere in the world, there is limited 'big company' commercial value in going through prototyping and commercial scale production of such an item, small numbers not being economically viable for them. 

Turning the idea over in my head, I decided to tackle the idea myself, here in my workshop in the UK. I chose to use a rubber often used in the automotive industry, designed for it strength, and length of life. By the chemical manufacturers claims this rubber is estimated to keep its composition up to 50 years. In my view sufficient to take a regular beating.

Made from 100% rubber, they do not have springs, steel or lead. The practical effective weight of a blackjack, or sap, is 8-12oz, with the trainer jack weighing in at about 3.4oz, and the sap at about 5.3oz, these are under the threshold. It's not to say you can now use these for headshots, these will still sting if used direct on bare flesh. If you think getting slapped by a bit of rubber won't hurt, you may want to reconsider your choices.

Made in blue, to keep it similar to other training weapons. These are made from my own original  real items, I made myself, the braiding pattern, and the sap stitching are from the originals. All carry my DL logo.

I will be making these regularly and putting stock in the shop. If you would like a quantity for your qym, studio or for instructor led courses, and would like a batch order (10 or more)and looking for a batch price, please send me an email at



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