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I am do post office runs TWICE a week now, so orders will only be posted TUESDAY and FRIDAY.

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Visit my shop for Impacts, leather sheaths and pouches, and a selection of accessories.


At DAVIDSON LEATHER I provide handcrafted leather goods, made by myself in my workshop. I use traditional moulding and finishing techniques. All items crafted from varying grades and types  of real leather, then dyed to colour. It'll always be done with an eye for detail.


There is no mass production here, no factory, just me, I make items in small batches and list in the website shop. Items pictured on the website that are not in the shop section are purely for visual purposes only, to see what the products look like, you can't click on these and order them, they are static pictures. If items are not in the shop, they are currently NOT available to immediately buy. Offering money in advance doesn't persuade me either.


I do not do custom order requests, or orders for standard items.

Only exception is for TV or Film production companies. I have had people pretending to be, I will request varification


Free shipping in the UK, items in the shop include a % for shipping.


Overseas shipping is extra, I will combine shipping on all orders and send an invoice or you can use the appropriate listing for your region. There are two choices;

Standard postage - via Royal Mail with then gets passed to your local postal service for final delivery

This is tracked but can take anywhere from 7 days to 6 weeks, depending on time of year and world events. 

Courier Shipping - This will either go with the likes of FedEx or DHL, it is slightly more expensive on single items, but if you buy two or more then its cheaper than standard postage, since Royal Mail have increased their prices.

This is tracked and can take between 2 days and 8 days, depending on the end location. If you live in a remote location it is going to take longer to get to you. Usually less issues with customs too.


For international orders - if you don't tell me you want Courier Shipping your parcel will be sent via Standard Shipping. 


  • Items not listed in the shop are not available
  • If you are from outside the UK if you buy and pay for an item, I will send a paypal invoice for the extra international shipping, if you haven't chosen the appropriate listing. If you do not pay this invoice within 24hrs I will cancel your order and refund your payment. You won't get free shipping just because you ignore the paypal request.
  • If you checkout but don't pay, and you want it email me. If you do not I will assume you made a mistake and cancel the order. I will not ship you the item without you paying for it.

I endevour to answer all messages, emails and phone calls as soon as I can, when I can. I do not have a secretary, I do not have a workforce making items night and day.


This is just a hobby for me, I enjoy making things, if you feel like hassling me excessively, getting impatient or annoyed, please don't, life is too short to feel that way. If you feel like this, I simply ask you to find someone else to make what you want.  

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