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Every leather pouch, sap, belt and sling is made in the UK by me, as the logo says DL Made in England.


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Visit my shop for leather sheaths and pouches, rifle slings, bolt pouches, saps, jacks, slungshots and a selection of accessories.


Free shipping in the UK.
Overseas shipping free if order is over £100, if not I will contact you for your preferred posting option, then send an invoice for additional - £10 for international tracked for larger items, £5 international tracked for smaller items.

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At DAVIDSON LEATHER I provide handcrafted leather goods. 


I use traditional moulding and finishing techniques. All items crafted from varying grades and types  of real leather, then dyed to colour. I use different leathers for different applications whether is Veg tanned, Drum dyed, aniline, chrome tanned, oil tanned or subtle calf hide it'll always be done with an eye for detail.


I make around 200 different items, and do custom orders, so if you see a picture of a product and its not in the shop, it only means the item is not ready made, get in touch and I can take a custom order. Please note there is a waiting time for custom items, this does vary with the amount of custom orders I have in the book.

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