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Every leather pouch, sheath, belt and sling is made in the UK by me, as the logo says DL Made in England.


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Visit my shop for leather sheaths and pouches, paracord bracelets, Damascus knives, folders, rifle slings, cartridge bags, bolt pouches and a selection of accessories.


I do have a wide selection of specialist items I do make in the shop, made to order and available.

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DavidsonLeather.com for leather sheaths, knives, rifle slings, bolt pouches, and saps.

DAVIDSONLEATHER provides handcrafted leather goods and knives. I have stock ones designed for various items.


I use traditional moulding and finishing techniques. All items crafted from varying grades of real leather, then dyed in browns or black. I use different leathers for different applications whether is Veg tanned, Drum dyed, aniline, chrome tanned or subtle calf hide it'll always be done with an eye for detail.


In the shop is a number of custom folding knives, friction folders, UK legal carry knives, damascus knives, and a number of custom knives from various custom makers.

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