Origins of manufacturers

A request to visitors for your collective knowledge

Impact Weapons have been made by numerous makers historically, many examples have no makers marks, and some do. 

I'd like to put together a timeline of makers and eventually their models, and perhaps where there is a distinct model cross over from maker to maker.

If anyone has first hand catalogues showing impacts, or impacts with logo's stamped in please send them in to 

List of Companies who made Impact Weapons (Incomplete)

Listing out makers who stamped their work

  • B&B Leather Co. (A.Baletineco.) 5518 Nevins Road, PH, Charlotte North Carolina. 28213 - Formed 28 June 1984 - now dissolved
  • Brauer Bros. MFG, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Bucheimer
  • Gene Hulse, Fort Smith, AR
  • Gould & Goodrich
  • Lewis Leather, Sunset Blvd, LA, California 
  • Jay - Pee


Probably the most well known maker ever. This is most like due to the quantity and variety of models they offered, and the different commercial government contracts. 

They had three locations in the USA; 

  • California
  • Maryland - J.M. Bucheimer
  • Massachusetts

From researching a number of paper catalogues were available which offered impacts. The years for the catalogues don't seem consistent and consecutive i.e. published every year annually. I've seem them range from 1953 to 1975. 

At some point Bucheimer merged with Clark in MA to become Bucheimer-Clark around 1967-68.  

No original Bucheimer company is still doing business presently. There is someone who has adopted the name to sell bags, but is not linked to the sap maker. Another individual claims to be producing original licensed J.M Bucheimer jacks and saps, but only possesses the USA copyright to a J.M. Bucheimer logo but that copyright does not cover it to be used on impacts. There is no functioning Bucheimer company, so he can't be licensed to reproduce designs, no official government entity in California, Maryland, Massachusetts backs up his claims. 

Bucheimer didn't just make impacts but a whole variety of leather goods used by the police and general public. 

Standard Impacts were;

Flat saps: Midget, Denver, Big John, Junior and Texan

Blackjacks: Penna, Bull, Convoy, 894, 799, 720, 821, 700, 796, 211, 8981, 8980, 7980, 7982, & T96

Palm sap: #20


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