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A delve into Impact Weapons of the past remade in the present

Made following traditional methods in Hereford, in the United Kingdom

My hobby has developed recreating the type of impacts which were used  over the last 200 years, occasionally some older. However, the age of impact weapons goes back centuries, ever since there was a need to hit something, or someone, with a blunt object.  

There is no mass production here, no factory, just me. Every item is made by hand from gathered materials here in the UK. I make items in small batches, and occasionally one off items which I list in the website shop.  

Effectiveness once quoted as "Sufficient and Reasonable"

Tools of submission and protection

Blackjacks and saps have been used by many authorities in many countries over the centuries, before  the issue of firearms or the modern day electric voltage stun weapons. 

The term 'Authorities' being given to people who were appointed in keep law and order, charged with the protection of goods or to  reinforce discipline. Several accounts also exist of them being used to settle disagreements, either one on one, or group on group, and also by civilians wanting something they could use for personal protection. 

Whichever path of history you follow, not all users were of noble, honest  disposition. Almost none were used with precision or formal training, thus the reason many police forces phased them out

For buyers

I do not do custom order requests - the only exception is requests from Prop Purchasers for the TV and Movie industry

For Prop buyers please either email me - davidsonleather@live.co.uk, or call me on 0778812271. I could be in the workshop with a loud machine going, if I don't answer on the first call please leave me a voicemail with your name, which company you are from and an idea of why you're calling. I will return your call as soon as possible. If I get no voicemail I will presume it was a telemarketer and not return your call. 

SHIPPING: Yes I ship in the UK and Ireland. I also ship around the world, I have related area listings in the website shop you can use alongside your purchase. I will ship on the assumption the item you purchased is allowed to be received in your country, I cannot be expected to know every law in every country. If your Customs officer disagrees with you, and your items are confiscated I will not be providing a refund.

What types of Impacts are there?

A brief overview

Blackjack or Cosh - these have a strong coil spring, sometimes  ridged, with a round bulbus end cast from lead, wrapped in leather, usually part or all braided. These vary in size and weight and have a round profile.

Twistjack - length of braided wire rope (or cable if you're American) with a round bulbus end cast from lead, wrapped in leather. Usually part or all braided. These vary in size and weight and have a round profile. There is no spring effect, but some flex. Earliest examples I have seen of jacks made this way date from around 1910. In the USA these are referred to as cablejacks.

Billyclub, Shillelagh, Knob kerry - a short turned piece of wood, a baton or sorts. This term is also sometimes used to describe the Irish fighting sticks which are not turned but made from a selected branch or root

Palm Saps - A small weight able to fit in the palm of the hand, secured in place by a strap over the back of the hand. More concealable than most other styles. Increases the effectiveness of an open hand slap, or can be used, if cylindrical, to make a fist solid (loaded fist) reducing the risk of injury to your hand when punching. 

Slungshot - a weight or similar small heavy object wrapped and suspended from a flexible cord. Makeshift versions can be a weight in a sock, or a weight/padlock suspected from a bandana. The flexible cord will create potentially huge kinetic energy when swung. Nun chucks have a slungshot effect even though not strictly speaking a slungshot.

Coin Saps/Coin wallets - often with a flat profile, with a zip to allow you to add coins to it to for the weight. As these have no fixed weight, they could also be called coin wallets or purses therefore entering the area of potentially legal carry in every country and no one needs justification for carrying coins. A purpose made coin sap is quite a modern introduction to the impact weapon portfolio. However coins carried in a sock or cloth tube are not modern, but would then come under the Slungshot category

Heavy Hook Saps - they have a flat profile like a standard sap, but the weight is a heavy bare metal hook. As its a hook you can clip it onto a belt loop, and the ones I have done enable you to carry your keys on the other end. Effectively just a handy heavy duty key ring or dog lead. Depending on how its made could be a slungshot

Persuader or Bosun's Cosh - These are often seen in a very close twine hitching covered in a resin. Internally their core is whale baleen with lead weighted ends. Baleen is the same substance hair and fingernails are made from. Baleen is from the mouth of the whale used for filtering for food. These may or may not have a brass end cap. Most around today date from the Victorian era. The use of whale baleen is no longer allowed in many countries, and it cannot be remade in the traditional way. Therefore antiques are actually antiques.

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