Price List 

My prices are as follows (still under development) 



For my classic shape saps I follow the Bucheimer shape, and all mine are hand stitched not machine.


I do several solid lead with spring steel

The Briton (11", similar to the Texan) £62

The Scot (9") £52

The Taffy (8")£48


I do several shot filled 

The Franz (9") £45 - similar shape to a classic sap with end handle 

The Stumpy (6") £40 - similar shape to a classic sap with over back of the hand handle


American civil war shape foldover type shot filled saps

The Casey (6") £40 - with pinky finger loop

The Casey L (8") £45 - with end handle 

The Casey XL (10") £50 - with end handle


Macky sap 13-14oz £52 - very much like the Gonzalas 415 but but made some what differently 



Like blackjacks but with the wire rope in the handle

Type 1 - (8") £50 10oz, one braid head and grip, one part handle, blended head

Type 2 - (8") £50 8oz, head braid, grip braid, one part handle, pronounced head

Handle option - two part handle £5 - thicker leather with end over braid

Colour option - two different colours used in the head and grip braided together £8


Grink - (6") £35 (single colour) - 7-8oz, one braid head and grip, steel loop at end for attaching to keys or something, no handle. Bi colour Grink £40




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