I do a number of different saps, flat saps, soft load, hard load, all sorts of different sizes. Each type of sap may do the same thing, but they do them in different ways.

DL Police KO Glove

DL Police KO Glove - a recreation by me of an item seen in an old magazine article from a bygone era.


Filled with 2mm sized lead shot. Adjustable handle. Handle is rolled leather, to add support to the fist, often referred to as a loaded fist.

Flat Saps

Flat Saps as they're called. Solid lead head molded direct to a length of spring steel. Weigh in about 11-12oz


These three models, side by side to show the difference are, from right to left

Taf (or Taffy)



Macky Saps

Macky saps. Sort of a cross between a flat sap and a blackjack. Round solid lead head, molded to a length of spring steel. More impact than a flat sap due to the round cylindrical head. Heavier at arouns 13-14oz

Soft Saps

Casey XL and Casey L soft saps. No spring steel in the handle. filled with 2mm lead shot. Basis of the design is from saps produced during the American civil war

Palm & Finger Saps

Palm saps. Fit in the palm of your hand, with a strap over the back of the hand. Filled with 2mm lead shot. 


Palm saps are intended to be descretely concealed in the palm, offers the element of surprise.

Finger saps. Also go into the palm of the hand but further up into the finger area. Flatish with a solid lead load. Unlike the palm sap the only noticeable part is the loop over the finger. Even more of an element of surprise. 

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