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With one thing and another I've started down the custom knife path. Being around knives for years, in both a practical sense and a trade sense, I've come across a few that could do with a facelift. Just like a pouch gets worn and can see better days, so can knives. Do you think, 'well it's time for a change' and the old one goes in the bin, or, 'I think I'll give it a new lease of life'. 


Well the later was what I thought. Honestly sometimes there is nothing you can do for a knife, but sometimes there is. There are also cases where I've bought knives or inherited some, where the handles have faults, or just not good. With the inherited ones they are often old and need a good clean. 


I asked around on facebook and at the knife shows but no one it seems does knife rework. So I thought, just like I did with the leather work I do, just do it yourself. So I have.


Here are a few I've worked on.

USMC Semper Fi rescale and Sheath

The USMC Semper fi is a beast of a knife, very tough and a good size for camping. Orgininally it comes with a black coating, green plastic scales, and a nylon sheath. All of which was not my taste. So with the blade stripped, I polished the blade, acid etched it then fitted it with big leaf maple burl scales. Finally to complete it I made a custom saddle leather, scout carry sheath with ferros rod.

Reworked USMC Semper fi

The Rica

I've always had a passion for Damascus. Thought I'd try my hand at a UK legal slip joint Damascus knife. Twisted Damascus flat grind blade, polished stainless steel liners, carbon fibre scales and polished back spring. I usually use wood for my knives but thought I'd give carbon fibre a go. 

The Rica in Carbon Fibre

Custom Sgian Dubh

I rarely make knives for other people but this is one such knife. A Sgian Dubh with Damascus blade, resin infused buckeye burl, buffalo horn spacers, brass liners, filework, and the pommel end is 4mm solid Stirling silver with solid 9ct gold thistle. The sheath is veg tanned leather with pink snake skin. the whole package in the colours the customer requested.


New Scales & Pouch

There's more enfisis these days being put on UK Legal Carry knives. There are only a few on the market and not all to everyones taste. I undertake modifications to suite. This is one of the Lansky MADROCK knives, legal carry in 156 countries. Originally comes with a black and orange. I removed these, handcrafted some replacements from Cocobolo (a South American hardwood), made one of my custom friction sheaths. Then tied a paracord pull, which I finished off with two 7.62 bullets. Completely changes the look of the knife.

The original Madrock out the box

Lansky World Legal

New Scales & Acid Etching

The WL is a good knife on its own, but there are nurmerous ways to modify them. With this one I flatterned the blade edge, concave ground it, then acid etched it. Completeing the look is a set of aluminium scales made from a MoD Fig 12 target from Colchester. So the scales have real 5.56 bullet holes fired by members of the Parachute Regiment.

Lansky World legal -Bullet hole

Damascus Folder Rescale

Customer requested work

A customer dropped this off to me and asked me to replace the ivory coloured plastic resin scales with deer antler. After choosing the antler from the stock I had I got to work. As you can see the work totally transforms the look of the knife.

Rescale work

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