Knife Scales

I have rescaled a number of different knives. I don't often do them, especially not to order, mainly just for interest.

Here are a few examples;

Ontario RAT 2

RAT 2 rescaled in Olive Wood


Medford in burl

Lansky Madrock

Cocobolo Scales
Cocobolo Wood for a Lansky Madrock

My first set of custom bookmatched scales of Cocobolo, a tropical hardwood of the tree Dalbergia retusa from Central America, for Lansky Madrock World Legal knife

Cocobolo Scales shaped as the original scales

Boker Plus Nano 42

This knife is a great little UK legal carry, but only comes as standard with an orange or toxic green plastic scale. So really you're restricted to having to like one or the other. But there is choices here. Here are some examples;

Boker Plus Nano 42 in Californian Double Dyed Buckeye Burl
Boker Plus Nano 42 in Tigerwood
Boker Plus Nano 42 in Lacewood

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