Fighting Knife Recreations

A long time interest of mine has been the fighting knives of the 20th Century in all their many variations, made from numerous materials collected from the battlefield,  constructed in the field, or were private purchases taken to war. 


As time goes on these are harder to acquire, and with many historic weapons the ability to make them, or even need to make them simply gets lost to time.


My interest is recreating these using traditional methods, much like I do with the impact weapons like saps and jacks. Of course there is modern example, of which some are still made, but to me they lack that hand crafted, 'I made it because it was a necessity' feel.


Below are pictures for information purposes, this is not the shop, these cannot be added to a basket.

The Robbins Push Dagger

As shown in ad's from the period this is also called the "Advance Fist Bayonet". Robbins of Dudley crafted these with purpose made blades. I took it a slightly different way and repurposed an actual bayonet for the blade, giving it more of a theatre made feel.

Theater style knife

A theatre style four finger knuckle knife made with a repurposed bayonet. I do the leatherwork too. Aluminum was often used as it was available, light weight, strong, and it did rot in damp or humit conditions. The pitting on the blade is original and natural.

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