Coloured Impacts

There are numerous colour combinations I can do with the braiding

These are West Texas jacks, from left to right:-

Natural & brown Spiral

Natural & tan Star

Krampus - Natural, brown and 2x tan

Mono Dark brown

Mono Black

Green & black Spiral

Black & red Star

HW blackjack, done in a blue and black combination. Head is two tone, grip is mono black, handle and handle braids in blue. The Head Wrap (HW) has one full braid.

Grink in Black and Tan(in star pattern)

Brocc - This can be done in a number of different colour combinations, but if you choose duel coloured, this is the pattern.


Strap will always be black.


Options for head, either two colours together or just one colour;





Light Brown


Blood Red

Dark Brown (not available with another colour)

Tan (not available with another colour)

799 -this is a two tone custom one off I did. Normally the 799 either has an AJ Link, or a 2part wrist loop

A White & Black DL Convoy

A White & Black West Texas with pinky loop

Red & Black Type 2 Blackjack with over the back of the hand strap. The Type 2 denotes the fact that there are two different main parts, Head covering, and shaft covering.

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