Handle Options

I offer a few different handle option on the Blackjacks and Twistjacks, they are as follows;

AJ Link - This style has a metal loop welded to the jack, and the wrist strap is on a D Ring.

The advantages of this style

  • Easy to fold for pocket carry
  • Allows a certain amount of twist, should someone grab the jack and twist it to force you to the ground the extra twist allowance greatly reduces this

2 Part - traditional style, wrist loop is one part, and fixed to the jack shaft, then over braided. This is the classical look

Pinky Loop - A short leather loop sized big enough for the average pinky finger

Advantages of this style

  • Small and doesn't flap around or get in the way
  • Very little protrudes from the pocket so less obvious
  • Quicker to use when faced with a situation and you need to use the jack, no having to stop and put your hand through the standard style wrist loop

Polo Grip Loop (or Carnie strap) - Extra Long '2 Part' style loop, this goes over your thumb and back of the hand.

Adantages of this style

  • Locks the jack in a firm fixed grip¬†
  • Reduces nearly all looseness in the grip, so if you have a weak grip this is probably the best style
  • Reduces grip fatigue when using the jack

Over back of Hand Strap - Fitted to the DL Convoy and the Head Wrap (HW)

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