I have made many example of these type of historical impact weapon


Blackjacks - these are lead moulded to a spring, these have the traditional flex to them

Twistjack - these are lead moulded to wire rope, more rigid and not springy

Bi Coloured DL Type 1 blackjack - around 12oz 

Bi Coloured DL Type 2 blackjack, blended head - around 10oz

Mono coloured DL Convoy - a replica in size and weight of the Bucheimer Convoy

A collection of DL Type 1 Twistjacks - duel braided i.e. head and handle are braided at different times so the heads can be different colours to the handles

Mono coloured DL Type 1 blackjack part braided i.e. head is stitched leather then inverted and formed to the head

The Grink - this is a small twistjack, duel colour or could be mono, and I weld a ring to the end of the wire rope, so you can clip it to something. Smallest jack at only 6" long 

This is Type 1 core (sprung) with a full braid wrap and a two part wrist handle

Head Wrap - This is of a standard 8" size but with a larger lead head, and over hand handle wrapped on the head. This one weighed in at a little over 16oz

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